Fall 2014 CG Recipients


Symposium: Arctic States

Matthew Jull and Leena Cho (Architecture)

The CGII grant will fund an international design symposium, ARCTIC STATES, at UVA in the spring of 2015 from April 17-19. The event will bring together an international group of leading designers (architects, landscape architects and urban designers), natural and social scientists and policy makers from the US, Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark and UK to discuss current design/research projects focused on future trajectories of arctic urbanization. The goal is to situate the Arctic as a region of opportunities and to foreground design as a catalyst for interdisciplinary exchange. The symposium is organized by the Arctic Design Group based at the UVA School of Architecture – a design research platform offering studios and seminars in addition to exhibitions and lecture series.

Read more in UVA Today.

International Scholar Visit- Energy and Climate Policy Connections with Brazil

Vivian Thomson (Environmental Science)

As part of an ongoing teaching and research collaboration on energy and climate issues between the University of Virginia and the University of São Paulo, Professor Sérgio Pacca will visit U. Va. between 17 and 20 November 2014.  Professor Pacca directs NUPRREC, a permanent interdisciplinary group within USP's Institute for Energy and Environment.

While at U. Va. Professor Pacca will interact with students and faculty in three of the University's schools.  Specifically, he will give a joint luncheon lecture with U. Va. Professor Vivian Thomson that is sponsored by the Latin American Studies Program, visit an upper level Politics/Environmental Sciences class in environmental policy, dine with Environmental Thought and Practice majors, and meet with faculty from the College, the School of Architecture, the School of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

The Global Environmental Implications of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Development

Andres Clarens (Engineering)

Argentina has the second largest shale gas reserve in the world and the environmental costs and benefits of developing this resource have yet to be studied. Professor Andres Clarens (UVa Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) is looking at the relationship between shale gas development, water quality, and climate change and was recently awarded a US Fulbright grant to support a sabbatical visit at the National Technical University of Argentina. In preparation for this visit, Professor Clarens is using CGII funds to make a planning visit to Argentina to begin to gather data and make contacts there.

Read more about his work in The State Journal and UVA Today.

World Water Week 2015

Peter Debaere (Business)

Leading up to World Water Day on the 22nd of March, UVA's 2nd Annual World Water Week will feature a series of events on and around Grounds, ranging from lectures by noteable speakers to research meetings to a local river clean-up. Along with Debaere, Paolo D'Odorico (Environmental Science) and Brian Richter (Architecture) aim to engage and expand an interdisciplinary community of researchers to address critical questions related to the demand for and supply of water, food, and energy, as manifest from the local to the global level.

Read local NBC29's report on the Rivanna River clean-up effort.  

Southeastern Conference for the Association of Asian Studies

Charles Laughlin (East Asian Studies)

The Southeastern Conference of the Association for Asian Studies is a major academic event in Asian Studies, which includes East Asia (including Tibet), South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia. Under the auspices of the Association for Asian Studies, one of the largest academic associations in the world, eleven regional AAS annual meetings are held throughout the world, primarily in the US. The Southeastern Conference of the AAS has met annually since 1962, and has tripled in size from 60 to nearly 200 members, makig it one of the largest AAS regional conferences. Students and scholars of Asian subjects including the social sciences and humanities as well as professional schools are all welcome, and the Association has grown more lively and robust as Asian studies has recently experienced rapid growth in the Southeastern Region of the US. UVA has been a leader of Asian studies in the region, and has hosted the Southeastern Conference twice before, in 1976 and 1998. The conference will include approximately 150 participants (30 from UVA) in 40 panels covering topics from literature and the arts to anthropology, history, politics, and law, relating to many cultures of Asia, some of which, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mongolia are relatively under-studied at the University.

Stephanie Berard (French), "Haitian Theater: The Power of the Stage"

Andrew Mondschein/ Mary Butcher (Architecture), "The Missing Link: Bicycle Education"

Graduate Students

Jessica Gephart (Environmental Science), "The Current and Future Water Footprint of Fisheries"

Fares Karam (Education), "Multilingualism and Identity: The Linguistic Landscape of Beirut"; learn more about Karam's work in UVA Today

Matthew Reames (Education), "Danish Practices for Children's Mathematical Writing"

Danielle Pisechko (German), "22nd Annual German Studies Graduate Conference- Schwalbenflug: Migration and Movement in Lanugage, Arts, and Sciences"

Heidi Schramm (Economics), "The Equilibrium Effects of Income Taxation on Formal and Informal Labor Markets"

Jining Zhong (Economics), "Wages, Firms, and Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing"

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