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  • Global Programs of Distinction Grants (GPOD):

Now in its second year, this grant competition aims to promote significant research agendas involving collaborative, interdisciplinary projects of global scope and scale with the potential to create lasting intellectual and institutional impacts. Awards range from $50K-100K. The grant contemplates second stage funding, depending on the success of the first year’s activities. Awards aim to position grantees to seek outside funding sources. Proposals are accepted in the fall of each academic year.

  • Center Grants:

This grant competition provides seed money for early-stage working groups pursuing a research problem of global scope and scale. Awards range up to $20,000 for faculty and include the possibility of $1,500 grants for a limited number of individual research proposals. Graduate students may also apply for awards up to $1,000 for individual research on projects of a global nature. Proposals are accepted twice yearly, in fall and spring.

  • Global Initiatives Grants:

GIGs fund time-sensitive proposals that fall out of the regular cycle for CGII Grants (Center Grants and GPODs). Proposals that can be submitted to meet an upcoming CGII deadline, or reasonably could have been submitted for a past deadline are not eligible.

  • Faculty Global Research with Undergraduates (FGRU):

With a seed grant from the Jefferson Trust, CGII funds faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects across the university. Awards range to $10,000 for proposals focusing tightly on the undergraduate research experience.  Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

  • Diplomacy Lab:

In partnership with the US State Department, CGII offers faculty the opportunity to accept a research question framed by the State Department on a matter of current global concern as part of a research project with undergraduate students. The project may be folded into an existing class, conducted as a Jan Term, taught during a summer session, or set up as an independent undertaking between faculty and students.

  •  Global Lunch Briefs:

Groups of 6-12 faculty from at least three different departments or schools may apply to establish a lunch group to discuss common readings or to begin articulating a research agenda on a problem of global scope and scale. CGII provides space and pays for lunch. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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