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The mission of the Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation (CGII) is to stimulate research that addresses problems and challenges of global scale, scope, and concern. “Global research” may be thought of as an elastic term that links the local and the planetary, aims to expand the compass and range of disciplinary commitments and possibilities, and seeks to thicken international contact and collaborations with colleagues outside the U.S. To support this effort, the Center administers several types of grants open to UVa faculty and graduate students. We are particularly interested in proposals that outline innovative methods and promote cross-university and international collaborations. Applications for these grants will be accepted twice during the academic year.

Please read the following information carefully and use the attached form.

Applications for the Spring 2018 round are due March 15, 2018 with notification of awards by April 2, 2018.


The applications most likely to be funded will meet the following criteria:

An intellectual agenda defined by its global reach (scope, scale, perspective, impact) that identifies important questions and effective ways to address them.

Specificity in proposal details that justifies the need to visit, consult, or do research at particular locations, institutions, or with specific persons.

Wide university participation from across schools or departments, local or international. Research projects that by their breadth and complexity call for an interdisciplinary approach are encouraged. Please indicate participating faculty names, affiliations, and roles involved in the project.

Co-sponsorship from units beyond the project director’s home academic unit.

A clear product or outcome, e.g., publications, future grant proposals, presentations, etc. (see grant categories below).

First-time CGII sponsorship status for applicant.

Time-frame for the project identifying major goals and when they will be achieved.

Time-line for follow-up report to be submitted at the conclusion of the project or program, including a reflection on longer-term intellectual and institutional impacts of the project.

Please note the following:

  • Grant funds may be used for human subject research, but grantees must have all appropriate approvals, assurances, and certifications (including, but not limited to, IRB approval) prior to the enrollment of the first human subject. Funding for human subjects research is conditional on IRB approval or exemption of the research.
  • In the labeled field in the application form, include a declaration indicating IRB status of research (whether required to submit). If research involves human subjects, please include proof of submission and the IRB’s determination. If you are in doubt about whether the research involves human subjects, please contact the medical (Susie Hoffman, or social science (Bronwyn Blackwood, IRB. The committee may contact and consult the IRB regarding any given project. A project submitted with an incorrect human subject declaration will not be considered. The IRB’s determination will be considered definitive.


University Research Initiatives and Intellectual Gatherings

In this category we contemplate two types of projects:

Proposals to establish University-wide global research working groups. These groups are to be collaborative projects focusing on topics that transcend disciplinary and national boundaries, with the aim of creating working groups to establish an agenda for later original investigation and/or research capacity (up to $10,000).

Conferences, lectures series, virtual conferences, performances relevant to the mission of the Center and consistent with the criteria set forth above (up to $10,000). Note that the Center is not inclined to fund conferences that are field or professional gatherings.

Expected outcomes from these grants include but are not limited to publications (print or electronic), websites, interactive digital platforms, public performances, exhibitions or expositions, external grant applications, and other scholarly, applied, or policy knowledge.

Visiting Faculty/Scholars

Visiting Faculty/Scholars Grants bring distinguished scholars and practitioners to Grounds to advance the Mission of the Center. Visiting scholars, drawn from all disciplines, will contribute to the promotion of global research and investigation and the dissemination of knowledge through research collaborations, lectures and other public academic activities. The Center will consider co-sponsorship to bring eminent scholars for periods ranging from multi-day to semester-long visits to the University. One goal of these visits is to establish lasting and reciprocal relationships with other institutions, in the U.S. and abroad.

Faculty sponsors will indicate their home academic unit's financial and logistical support and provide evidence of support adequate to the project from other sources. Center support for short-term visitors will likely not exceed $2500 and must be in accordance with the University's policy on visiting faculty and scholars. Sponsors proposing to bring longer-term visitors should provide a budget appropriate to the time in residence. Proposals for longer-term visitors are under a heightened burden to seek co-funding with other units. Especially in the case of longer-term visitors, the sponsor should indicate the likelihood of establishing a durable relationship with another institution in the U.S. or abroad. Prior to applying please contact the J1 advisor at International Studies Office to determine timing and visa requirements.

By the end of the term of the visit, visiting faculty/scholar grant sponsors must provide a report on the activities and impact of the visitor on global research activities at UVa during the period of residency.

Seminar Series

Faculty are encouraged to design semester-long public seminar series (three to six meetings in a series) focused on global topics. Funding may range up to $2,500 for an intramural series and up to $5,000 if one or more experts participate on Grounds. Proposals that can provide evidence of robust support from other sources will be at an advantage.

Individual Research

The Center encourages individual scholarly pursuits and will offer up to $1,500 for projects related to scholarly publications/products, or grants leading to them, in endeavors with a global or international emphasis. An additional $500 may be available for including graduate and/or undergraduate researchers in the project. Projects with funding from other sources are strongly encouraged.

Graduate Student Research

Graduate students are invited to apply for funding of up to $1,000 for research projects that involve a global/international topic and conform to the Mission of the Center. A letter from a faculty advisor must be included with the application, stating that the advisor has read the application and certifies that it meets with standards of the graduate student's department.

How to apply

Complete the form, answering all fields (larger fields accomodate 3,700 characters, including spaces; approximately 500 words), and submit one copy via email (, by midnight, March 15, 2018. Download the Application form here (Word File).

Additional Information: Applicants may apply only once for one grant category per round—multiple applications will not be reviewed.

As funds are spent, reimbursement must be requested within 30 days of expenditure; absolute deadline is June 1st, 2019. No extensions will be given.

Please recognize that the proposals will be read by colleagues outside your field.

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